Sunday 20 July 2014

What I Made: epoxy sticker pendants

three epoxy sticker pendants

I love making jewellery, and a while ago I experimented with making pendants with epoxy stickers and pendant trays from I bought them because I thought it would be fun to make jewellery with my art in it, but these are just practice attempts, the outer two with cardstock, and the inner one with thin cotton fabric from a dress I made for my niece.

The card was too thick and textured, really, to work well with the stickers, and it was really really difficult to cut in curves! But they're pretty as long as you don't study too too closely.

I was really pleased with the way the middle one turned out - I didn't know what to expect with gluing the fabric because I'd never used Mod Podge with fabric before, but it worked really well!

Later, I thought it would be really nice to try this with children, particularly the children at my church Holy Innocents Fallowfield, as a chance for them to make a few Christmas presents. I got some dark coloured card, some metallic gel pens, and some Christmas wrapping paper. I also got some little boxes to put them in for gifts. Here are some not particularly good pictures of the results:

a christmas tree pendant in a box

a pendant with a geometric pattern in a box
The girls had a lot of fun, and I think they were pleased with the results too. They made two or three each in the space of about half an hour. The older girls (I'm not sure of their exact ages but they're all in primary school) were able to do the whole thing by themselves, and I helped the slightly younger ones out by cutting the card to size for the pendants after they'd stuck the stickers on.

Should I make some too? Yes. It can be a bit of a gateway drug craft into more elaborate experiments with glass domes and resin, though, so be warned! Particularly try this if you make art and would like another idea for how to use it, or if you have children you need to entertain for an hour or so.

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