Thursday 7 March 2013

Projects and ideas

I feel like I have a lot of projects on the go at the moment. I probably always do. Right now...

folded baby blanket tied with a ribbon

...I just finished a Baby Blanket.  The pattern is Classic Baby Blanket. I didn't follow the pattern exactly because I used dk weight yarn where it called for aran, and therefore a smaller hook, though perhaps not small enough. My blanket didn't wind up being all that ribbed, but it is pretty and very very soft after I washed and sort of blocked it. If you're interested in the yarn I used etc, you can check it out on my Ravelry Project Page.

sunshine flower coasters

I am making Flower Coasters for Mothering Sunday, which is this Sunday in the UK. I am going to put the pattern on this blog when I'm finished, if you want to make some too. I don't think I'll get it done in time for Mother's day over here, but it should be done for Mother's day in the US at least!

work in progress crochet blanket
Instagram photo of the Owl Blanket I am making for my niece. She is two and she loves owls. It's so colourful! I need to get it done in the next week. There are so many ends to weave in D:

I keep eyeing up a recipe for Strawberry Milk Cake. I recently got some bright food colours (of which more in another post) and the idea of making a bright pink cake appeals. Rather too much. I rarely make big cakes - I normally go for cupcakes. So I might make this for my birthday next week, although I don't think I'll have anyone but my husband to eat it with on the day... I'll have to see.

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