Wednesday 27 February 2013

Free Pattern: Once Upon a Time

crochet cowl or scarflette with buttons

It's been very cold in the past few weeks, so logically, I needed to crochet a new scarflette. I had a lovely ball of grey King Cole Magnum Lightweight Chunky (which is in the running for my favourite yarn of the moment) and I thought I'd make something up. As I was making this I told my friend that I was at the point where if I were in a novel, I'd run out of yarn and the shop would be shut.

I think I jinxed myself.

I had done the main ribbed part, and just wanted to do the picots round the edge, when I realised I didn't have enough yarn. There was enough for three sides of picots, but not the forth. And I'd already made it a little narrower than I wanted in an effort to keep it to one ball.

So I had my novel-like setback. But! It was 4.30pm and the yarn shop didn't shut until 5.30pm, so I begged my husband and he went and picked up a second ball for me while I frogged the edge. And I think it worked out better in the end because I was able to make it wide enough, and do two rounds for the border instead of just one.

I made the pattern up as I went along, so it isn't precise. I cheat all the time if I don't quite have the right number of stitches for a repeating section - I insert an extra one at the end of the row for example. So, even though it's pretty easy, this might not be the pattern for you if you're a beginner and want very clear instructions! Even though I'm British, the pattern is in US terms.
You will need approx 150m/164yards of bulky weight yarn, 2 or 3 buttons, and a snap fastener. Crocheted on a 7mm hook.

I made 82 foundation hdcs for the first row, (you may want fewer - try it round your neck and check) and did rows of back-loop hdcs until it was wide enough (12 rows total for me). I did two turning chains and treated them as a stitch throughout.

I then did a row of sc all the way round the edge, joining the last stitch into the first with a sl st, and 1 ch to start the next row.

To make a picot I did sc, chain 3, sl in the first chain. On the long edges I did 1 pc, 2 scs, and on the short edges, 1pc, 3 scs. I folded the scarflette into the position it is in the first photo, and sewed on the buttons making sure they were in positions where I could push them through the stitches. With it buttoned in position I sewed a snap fastener on to the opposite corner of the scarflette to where the buttons are (see below), and to the edge of the bit that folds over, to help keep the ends in position.

crochet scarflette unfolded

It's so comfy! I think I'll be wearing it until the weather gets warmer.